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After more than 15 years in the beauty industry, Maris specializes in makeup, lessons and microblading for the everyday women and feels a kinship with all women who want to highlight their distinctive beauty. 


Award winning makeup artist and owner of Pearl, Maris Malone Calderon began her beauty career with a desire to create a job out of an art she truly loved. Renowned for her ability to create a flawless face, Maris’ emphasis on sculpting and highlighting natural features has established her as a perfectionist, capable of achieving picture-perfect looks.


Over the years, Maris has worked with hundreds of brides to develop their wedding day makeup style. Her approach to bridal makeup is all about creating a perfect, flawless style by enhancing natural beauty.


Maris also offers microblading services for those clients who feel they need a little more help than makeup alone can provide. Microblading helps women achieve easy, effortless beauty everyday. 


As her clients will attest, it’s her warm heart, calm demeanor and ability to emphasize natural beauty that has truly won the hearts of her clientele over the years. 

Maris’ approach always remains stunning, flawless, yet achievable beauty.

Maris travels between Austin TX and Chattanooga TN for weddings, lessons and microblading.


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